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Stink Bug Special: Two quarts of Bugzilla For only $30,
You Save $10! Read about Stink Bugs and Bugzilla.

Bugzilla's Natural Herbal Formula
Contains Some of Nature's
Most Powerful Weapons
Against Insects.

Kills and repels ants, bed bugs, earwigs, fleas, fruit flies, mosquitoes, moths, roaches, spiders and more. For Indoor Use.

"Spray it where you need it, then
let Nature take her course!"

Bugzilla is EPA EXEMPT and is classified as a "minimum risk"
25 (b)pesticide. It's safe to use in all areas of your home
and business including your kitchen and other
food preparation surfaces.

"Iīve been using Bugzilla for the last 3 years and Iīm letting you know that my life has been free of insect pests ever since. ... Bugzilla got rid of rid of fleas... Bugzilla prevents ants outside from coming in and we take it wherever we travel to guard against bed bugs. My wife is chemically sensitive and she likes the smell of Bugzilla .... God Bless You for making this wonderful product! "

~ Larry S., Georgia

Click Here to Find Local
Stores Selling Our Products

Only $20.00 per quart bottle

One Gallon Refills Only $55!

"Last year I bought Terro's Stink Bug Killer because my house was so infested. This toxic product left a permanent residue on all surfaces including my siding, doors and windows. It also took the paint off my deck wherever I sprayed it! And the stink bugs would just walk through the foam unfazed although they did eventually die. This year I tried Bugzilla instead. It kills the stink bugs much faster and no residue, no poison, no ruining the paint job on my deck. No creepy toxins in and around my house. Very, very happy with Bugzilla although the smell takes some getting used to but you know it's all natural so who cares."

~ Sarah L., Camillus, NY

"Bugzilla is FANTASTIC!!! No more bed bugs. I tell everyone about this amazing product. I canīt thank you enough. Not only does it really work but itīs safe around children, pets, grandmothers. I love it and will be ordering more for everyone in my family."

~ A Bugzilla Customer

X Stink Bugs are considered pretty much impervious to most toxic pesticides but not to All-Natural Bugzilla. These tough bugs do require a good soaking (try to hit their underbelly for best results), they'll waddle away and eventually die -- some in just a few seconds, others take longer to perish, but perish they will. The essential oils contained in Bugzilla wreak havoc on their nervous system and that's what eventually does them in. Many users of Bugzilla report that Bugzilla also repels stink bugs and helps to keep them out of their homes.
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