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Bugzilla's Natural Herbal Formula
Contains Some of Nature's
Most Powerful Weapons
Against Insects.

Kills and repels ants, bed bugs, earwigs, fleas, fruit flies, mosquitoes, moths, roaches, spiders and more. For Indoor Use.

"Spray it where you need it, then
let Nature take her course!"

Bugzilla is EPA EXEMPT and is classified as a "minimum risk"
25 (b)pesticide. It's safe to use in all areas of your home
and business including your kitchen and other
food preparation surfaces.

"Ive been using Bugzilla for the last 3 years and Im letting you know that my life has been free of insect pests ever since. ... Bugzilla got rid of rid of fleas... Bugzilla prevents ants outside from coming in and we take it wherever we travel to guard against bed bugs. My wife is chemically sensitive and she likes the smell of Bugzilla .... God Bless You for making this wonderful product! "

~ Larry S., Georgia

Summer Breeze Insect Repellent

New Improved Formula With
A PleasantLemony Fragrance!

Only $20.00 per quart bottle

Our Products are Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back!

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